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Date: Sat Sep 14 2002 - 19:58:52 MDT

On 14 Sep 2002 at 19:07, Elvenžage wrote:

> As I have said before I'm not supporting anyone. If you were to
> engage an online real-time conversation with me you'd understand this.
> Yes, I have talked to Hermit a lot more than you, and me and him have
> exchanged views, but as he could even tell you... I tell him what I
> think. Yesterday was a good example on IRC. I'm not just sitting
> back and defending Hermit in anyway. I've actually questioned many of
> his posts and comments, and I tell him about it when I do. Usually an
> explaination from him justifies what he says. Or atleast I can see
> why he has said what he did. In no way do I blindly agree with
> everything he says though.
> This isn't a matter of chosing sides. This is a matter of returning
> the board to a healthy condition. I'm suprised you haven't seen my
> motives from the begining, seeing as I have stated them clearly a few
> different times. This doesnt matter if I agree with you or Hermit on
> any issue.
Do you agree with Hermit concerning his execrable slander of my
mother and his haughty subsequent refusal to issue an apology?
> Take care.
> Ež
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