Re: virus: Paging Joe Dees

Date: Sat Sep 14 2002 - 17:16:50 MDT

On 14 Sep 2002 at 16:01, Mermaid . wrote:

> [Joe Dees]I will consider you not to be dogmatically
> anti-american-defence when I see evidence of it, and not before. I
> have yet to see such evidence.
> [Mermaid]I see. So you obviously saw evidence to the contrary. i.e. I
> am "dogmatically anti-american-defence". Ok. Show me *that* evidence.
> Thats what I have been trying to get out of you for the past four days
> now.
You have spoken out against the US engaging in pre-emptive regime
change in Iraq; in the current post-9/11 world, being anti-american-pre-
emptive-self-defence is tantamount to being anti-american-defence. All
you would have to do to disabuse me of that notion would be to state
that you are not opposed to same; your silent unwillingness to do so
speaks volumes.
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