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Date: Sat Sep 14 2002 - 17:01:04 MDT

On 14 Sep 2002 at 15:47, Mermaid . wrote:

> [When Joe Dees went "eh?"] Do you admit or deny having been against
> the US engaging in logic-and-evidence-warranted pre-emptive
> self-defence? It's a simple question...
> [Mermaid]Well. Maybe I should talk slowly. (spanks the keyboard) You
> called me names, you paraphrased statements that you imagined I
> uttered and finally you refuse to provide proof that I had indeed said
> what was quoted/stated/implied/understood. If you want to prove that
> you are no liar, it is not your place to ask ME questions.
> [Mermaid]Now...If you do indeed want to hear my opinion of the
> politics of it all, I suggest you take up the debate challenge on IRC
> and I will come to an well informed conclusion after hearing both
> sides and communicate the same to you after I am done with the
> archives, supporting documents etc.
> [Mermaid]In the meantime, unless you come up with proof to back up
> your insults and implied deragatory remarks about my 'antiamerican'
> stance and all that cheesy slander, you will always be a liar in my
> eyes. I dont particularly care to deal with such people.
> [Mermaid] *could* apologise("I am sorry. I made an error. I
> take back all that I implied about you"...i.e. "you" = myself aka
> Mermaid.)
I will consider you not to be dogmatically anti-american-defence when I
see evidence of it, and not before. I have yet to see such evidence.
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