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Date: Sat Sep 14 2002 - 16:16:04 MDT

On 14 Sep 2002 at 15:57, Hermit wrote:

> All of your assertions here have been previously addressed on the
> various CoV forums with evidence, without substantiated rebuttal on
> your part. Before attempting an execution, we need to ask whether you
> prove them beyond reasonable doubt Your blithe reassertion of already
> discredited postulation suggests not.
All of your assertions have been previously addressed in the articles
and commentaries I have posted on the Virus list, and shown to be
completely lacking in either substance or validity, without successful
refutation (impossible, of course, from your fatally flawed position).
Your continual recycling of refuted contentions would indicate that you
have nothing further to offer than memebotic repetition of discredited
pseudoarguments and repeated resort to logically fallacious ad
hominems. And the US is, as Condolleezza Rice stated, unwilling to
wait for the rising of a mushroom cloud over a US city to provide the
only kind of evidence that those who have a predisposed bias against
the US would be willing to accept.
> Hermit
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