Re: virus: I have tried...

From: Broh (
Date: Fri Sep 13 2002 - 14:16:30 MDT

On 9/13/02 10:27 AM, "David McFadzean" <> wrote:

>> Who beside Hermit and yourself could boot Jonathan Davis from a
>> chat, or block Bill Roh from rejoining Virus? You certainly seem to have
> Nobody has blocked Bill Roh from rejoining Virus. What are your motives in
> making such accusations?
> As for Jonathan Davis, he was legitimately banned by Hermit under the old
> rules from IRC (which shouldn't be confused with the CoV or this list), he
> appealed to me, we changed the rules concerning server bans, and he was
> quickly unbanned. Ask Jonathan if he has any complaints about the process.
> David
He got that from me - yesterday when I atrtempted to sign onto the list
using my old address, I was denied service repeatedly. I used a new address
instead, and it worked. I had assumed that this was deliberate. If not, the
error is mine.


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