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Date: Fri Sep 13 2002 - 20:06:22 MDT


If I could hug your neck physically, I would do so unabashedly.

Love ya, dude.

<Jake--you too (and some other hemispherically balanced individuals around here
that are too numerous to mention>

Casey M wrote:

> I have an idea...
> Why doesn't Mermaid STFU telling Joe Dees that he needs a larger dose of
> Prozac? What else are you going to prescribe?
> Mermaid, are you that much of an expert on psychoses that you can accurately
> claim to know what someone else needs simplying by reading their post?
> (rhetorical question, so STFU)
> And, Hermit, I have an idea. STFU! Your "drunk" comment regarding Joe Dees
> yesterday was unwarranted. Don't stoop to that level. I know you're MUCH
> better than that.
> Also, Joe Dees please chill out a little.
> That doesn't mean that Joe should refrain from posting -- be it an original
> Dees contribution, or a response to someone elses post. He, like everyone
> else in this forum, should be allowed to openly post to the list. If you
> don't like it, then add a filter with his email address.
> Regarding the IRC debate; it's total BS. The Virus list has survived many
> years as a forum for such debates. To propose that it be taken to IRC is
> not going to resolve anything. The debate will continue on the list no
> matter who wins, or loses. The opinions among the active list subscribers
> seems to be quite prophetic regarding that other words, the
> debate has gone on so long that an IRC debate would not resolve a thing.
> Also, regarding the debate on IRC; debates should be set on equal ground
> with the time and energy needed to prepare for the debate. I find Hermit's
> expertise using IRC to be an advantage over Joe Dees.
> I've not heard of Joe Dees' familiarity with IRC. I assume it is neglible.
> If that's the case, then the debate should be in a forum where both debaters
> are on equal grounds--the Virus mail list.
> Also, ElvinSage, STFU with your STFUs! (tongue planted firmly in cheek)
> Kind regards to all,
> Casey
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