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Date: Fri Sep 13 2002 - 11:38:57 MDT

[Casey Averred] The worth of my word is intact.

[Hermit Responds]

2.4.1 Council proceedings are confidential unless and until the Council decides otherwise on a case-by-case basis. Any Hierarch may veto a breach of the confidentiality. Comment The Council proceedings shall be confidential as they may deal with matters that could cause harm or distress if they were to become public.

2.6.1 Council pronouncements are collective. When a Council speaks to a Congregation or Locus, it speaks with one voice. Comment The intent of the collective persona is to make all council decisions anonymous – both to avoid personality conflicts on the list, and to avoid power seeking behavior on the part of council members.

It was determined, in correspondence to which you were a party, that the Council should not be made public until it made that determination... Which, it never did.

And regarding the members of the Hierarchs:

This list is not for publication, or dissemination to anyone other than council members....

And from previous correspondence:

[Hermit Historic] ...You freely committed yourself to silence about the Hierarchs and to the doctrine of collective responsibility. Here you made a deliberate choice, reflected by your "excuse me," which showed that you knew that you were breaking your word, and chose to do so any way. Does commitment mean as little to you as rationality - and responsibility?...

[Casey Historic] ...As you already know, I have not mentioned the FH in the public forum while I was here before, only to individuals who were or are involved with it. And since I returned, I have not mentioned it to anyone, nor would I want to....

[Casey Historic] ...If you read all of [suppressed Hermit] posts from over the weekend you will notice he made reference to a Hierarchy. I did not post this in some attempt to OUT YOU.... Btw, I don't play hard ball like that. If you don't think so, then ask others on this list who know me....

[Hermit] The worth of your word may be "intact", whatever that means, but it seems that it is coin of little value and that perhaps it is you who should be making apologies instead of standing on a barrel protesting your self-supposed trustworthiness, stability, honesty, and concern for others. You do "play hardball" like that and "commitment” does indeed seem to mean as little to you as rationality" or "responsibility"

[Casey] Thank you. My cousin, Bill, is a trustworthy, stable and reliable individual. Our family's stability has never been in question. Thank you.

[Hermit] I could cite from private correspondence, but won't. Bill is not a part of this particular wrestling match, but I certainly have not mischaracterized his statements.

[Casey] Hermit, your lack of empathy was displayed prominently yesterday with your virulent attack on Joe Dees, and his mother's condition.

[Hermit] Horseshit. Refer;action=display;threadid=26552. The list has had far too much warmongering in the guise of empathy and snide commentary finished off with loving regards. A little more honesty and a little less catering to the brain damaged and those undermining every effort to tidy up would be good. Take a careful look at the history of the list. On every occasion – without fail – where you have single-mindedly (perhaps unthinkingly would be more appropriate) leapt to the challenge of defending someone or a position it has resulted in a further deterioration. I used to think it was merely ineptness and instability. But your latest tossing of feet into the ring makes me wonder if there is more. As for Joe, his recent vicious characterization of fellow Virians as racists, anti-Americans, pro-terrorists, insane conspiracy nuts, babblers and insignificant, and attempted use of epithet in place of argument precludes me from empathizing with him on any score

[Casey] It is again on display with this post regarding Bill, myself, and our family.

[Hermit] I didn’t ask Bill to comment on the historic instability of your side of the family. But knowing that you don’t mind breaching confidentiality, or starting “little wars” with pointed jabs from the sidelines, I don’t mind demonstrating to you why others don’t much appreciate it.

[Casey] Hermit, you should be ashamed of yourself. You profess to be a member of the congregation, yet you continue NOT to subscribe to the Virian Virtue of empathy. Please take the time to re-read the Virian Virtues. You may be surprised at how charity and compassion (which fall under Empathy) can lead you to becoming a better Virian..

[Hermit] No, I have no need to be ashamed, and I doubt that you will teach me anything I want to learn about being a Virian, keeping my word, or most especially being a human.

[Casey] Why do members of the First Hierarch have the label "Silverback" posted next to their profiles on the BBS? If the First Hierarch eventually disbanded then why attach that label?

[Hermit] Actually, all those once recognized by fellow Virians as having been worth emulating are still so marked. But they haven’t been updated in a while.

[Casey] Also, why has Bill Roh been banned from signing up to the CoV mailing list after he did not agree with your stance?

[Hermit] No Casey. Bill departed in a fit of high-dudgeon (as you have once or twice) and unsubscribed himself from all related lists. He has since resubscribed. Any difficulties he may have had are due to his ineptness with a computer.

[Casey] Bill Roh has been more than just a contributor to this list. He has offered and supplied, those in the CoV, accomodations for Virian retreats.

[Hermit] And offended many. But you once said to me:

[Casey Historic] I shouldn't, nor won't, share anything regarding Bill with anyone on this list without his explicit permission. Which he has not given me, nor have I asked for. There's a thing called privacy that I respect.

[Hermit] I guess you were not being quite honest. Again. Or should that be, as usual?

[Casey] Just to reiterate a point. Hermit, you've lied.

[Hermit] Just to make a point, I don’t think your raw assertion is sufficient - especially after being shown so publicly for the untrustworthy, fool you undoubtedly are. Please show me where you think I have lied or offer an appropriate apology along with the others that you owe a large number of people?

[Casey] I ask that you take the time to go back to university to attain your PhD in psychology. Then, at that point, if you feel the need to conduct a psychological profile of me, or anyone on this list, you will have the proper credentials to do so.

[Hermit] I don’t feel the need or the inclination to look so closely at somebody as nastily vindictive with as great a need to be seen as reasonable as you appear to be. It doesn't take a PhD in psychology to recognize somebody who is fundamentally disturbed. And while I can feel sorry for you, I cannot condone your chosen method of attempting to make yourself feel better about yourself by attempting to star in some kind of "save the CoV from the Hermit" parade irrespective of the cost which you decided should be paid by others. As Suetonius put it, "It is the right of every adult to determine for himself, whether to leave or stay. Yet, once he has decided to stay he should not complain, for his was the decision and his alone." I see your face, thus you decided to stay. What are you complaining about, you very little man?

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