Re: virus: War baby idol

Date: Fri Sep 13 2002 - 08:04:15 MDT

(on behalf of Letheomaniac)

This is a full-page advertisement I found in a recent National
Beneath a photograph of some sort of aircraft and two proudly grimacing
all-American parents and their none-too-bright looking male offspring it

'He's not just my son, he's my hero'

'The job the U.S. military does is something we can all be proud of. For
Jim it meant finding the right career and the right place to learn it...
something else we're very proud of.'

'Today's military offers over 150 career paths, 8 different ways to earn
college credits and the rare opportunity to make the world a better
place. There are exciting new options and classic lessons in confidence,
courage, self-discipline and character. It's a structure for success
that makes parents feel as confident about Today's Military as their
kid's do. Visit with your teenager, or call
1-888-855-HERO. You will feel the special pride and satisfaction that
only comes with a child's growing success.'

'Today's Military.
Proud Parents.
Bright Futures.'

<Letheomaniac> I thought this list could use a little humour.

[Jake] Thanks. Perhaps we could work some of these themes into our War Baby


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