Re:virus: Hermit's Definition Of A Memebot

Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 18:04:08 MDT

On 12 Sep 2002 at 17:10, Hermit wrote:

> [Joe McPees 1] Hermit's Definition of a Memebot: Someone who rejects
> Hermit's particular strain of memebottery.
> [Hermit 2] Not at all. That would indeed make me a memebot.
> [Hermit 2] A memebot is somebody who is unable to articulate why they
> support a particular memeplex, but who propagate it nevertheless.
I have eloquently articulated both my position and my logical and
evidentiary support for same. Your memebotic filters will not allow you
to see it.
> [Hermit 2] It also applies to somebody who accepts a memeplex on the
> basis of its popularity or other logical fallacy.
I accept the position which I do because, given the present
circumstances, it makes eminent logical sense to me.
> [Hermit 2] Both of the above can be reliably diagnosed when the
> memebot asserts that they hold the "only" truth or "true perspective",
> reject the validity of alternate perspectives and discount arguments
> which would tend to weaken their memeplexii.
Sound's like Hermit is indulging in self-description here; it's certainly
what he did regarding the Afghanistan action.
> [Hermit 2] As the above appear to fairly represent your position as
> articulated and propagated on this list, the label appears
> appropriate.
Appropriate for you.
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