Re:virus: Goodnight.

Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 16:33:13 MDT

On 12 Sep 2002 at 16:17, Hermit wrote:

> Nah, all you guessers have it wrong. Joe McPees is explaining that he
> is suffering from hereditary early onset dementia and while still
> sufficiently functional to care for his maternal nutcase, has suffered
> sufficient cognitive decline to be no longer capable of holding a
> civilized discussion. Pity. He once had a great mind.
> It does, of course, take an outsider to diagnose when a mind goes
> faulty. Outsider to Joe, your mind is going...
> As a general question, on the transition from sanity to dementia, when
> does the person die? When they stop being sane all the time, or when
> they are no longer lucid at all? Or somewhere in between? It will be
> good to know so that we can properly mourn Joe's demise at an
> appropriate time. Or have we missed it? Should we be mourning already?
> Hermit
Hermit, whose mind has never been great, has long opined that those
who state principled and supported disagreements with his pompous
hemorrhidal pronunciamentoes suffer from mental defectiveness; it is
an ad hominem condemn-the-messenger fallacy that the transparently
unoriginal MerdeMade has appropriated from him. It does not work any
better when she attempts to employ it.
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