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Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 15:27:07 MDT

On 12 Sep 2002 at 11:08, Archibald Scatflinger wrote:

> [joe]
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> > For you to deny your antiamerican sentiments after your sackful of
> > antiamerican diatribes is the biggest, sickest lie of all.
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> [archibald]
> Is it worse to be Anti-American or Anti-Human?
> If you can't see that all of us live on a small, very delicate,
> precariously balanced planet, floating in the cold dark vacuum of
> space,because you are to blinded by AmericanCulture then you won't
> understand why your American hospitals can't make the pain of cancer
> go away. And you won't understandwhat caused cancerand you won't
> remember thatwe always have a choice.
> There is no difference between military and civilian. Murder is
> murder.
The Muslims are far less green than the West. It is possible, and even
easy, to be pro-American AND pro-human; just not in favor of some of
the US's environmental decisions. It is certainly not impossible to be
simultaneously pro-human and pro-American-pre-emptive-self-defence,
for a nuclear exchange would devastate the global environment far
more than a conventional war would - not to mention killing a shitload
more people. Plus, the US has been a beacon of personal freedoms
and human rights around the globe for many years; for it to risk suicide
by failing to respond to vicious attacks by totalitarian theocrats could
globally set back the causes of personal freedom and human rights

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