Re: virus: a small note for joe

Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 11:43:37 MDT

On 12 Sep 2002 at 11:43, Dr Sebby wrote:

> ...Joe, amidst your position on this general attack iraq etc or not
> subject...i offer this: you absolutely have to admit that there is a
> decent chance that such positions as yours could prove to NOT be the
> best course of action in the end. only time will tell. and only one
> course of action may be followed so it will be hard to gauge. but
> much as other past possible conflicts have been avoided in favor of
> other more political or sociological approaches have been fruitful, so
> too could this one. maybe not, but maybe so. either way, you should
> thus be capable of peppering your point of view with a bit of self
> doubt and/or devils advocate style introspection.
What would prove it to once again be the best course would be not to
pursue it, instead doing nothing and waiting for a devastating attack to
which we would react, and suffer the catastrophic consequences of that
attack, as has already happened once a year ago.
> drsebby.
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> Subject: RE: virus: Joe Dees links.
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> [Joe Dees]Just because I have a great deal of respect for aristotelian
> logic does not mean that I am an aficionado of anal sex with boys.
> [Mermaid] could accept the debate. You could write one well
> written post and explain in your own words, why you believe what you
> do....but insist on throwing articles
> by third rate 'journalists'. That is fine too. If I ignore it, it
> doesnt stink. But Joe, after all this silly, infantile behaviour, do
> NOT expect ME to take you seriously. You might have been an
> intellectual giant and many here are willing to turn a blind eye to
> your tantrums because of your past excellence. Not I. You are a sick
> man and I am not afraid to tell that to your face. Get help.
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