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Date: Thu Sep 12 2002 - 03:20:50 MDT

On 12 Sep 2002 at 3:02, Hermit wrote:

> [Joe McPees] There have, to date, been less than twenty US casualties
> due to hostile action in Afghanistan. Embarrassing Profusion? C'mon!
> More people have died in single bus accidents.
> [Hermit] Seeing that you can't tell the difference between a casualty
> and a fatality, and modern weapons are designed to cause the former
> and avoid the latter, I guess that this should preclude you from
> military discussions. Having experienced your completely uninformed
> pontification on the topic for upwards of four years and more so in
> the last, I guess that it won't. But it does leave you looking like a
> fool.
> [Hermit] Fortunately the demented don’t care.
> PS BTW “embarrassing” is a two-two word…
There have been less than 20 deaths and less than ten times that many
injuries to US personnel from hostile action, and, unlike US warfare,
jihadic warfare is indeed intended to kill the infidel adversary. You
temporize on the issue of deaths vs. injuries, even though there have
been an amazing few of either for the conquering of a country.
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