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Date: Wed Sep 11 2002 - 22:28:53 MDT

On 11 Sep 2002 at 21:02, Mermaid . wrote:

> <snip BLATHER>
> Shame on you. On Sept 11 2002, you have shat on the unmarked graves of
> all those who died on american soil a year ago and those who died
> outside US borders by continuing to profess the same hate that caused
> the towers to fall. You won't pause even on the day that marks the
> supposed cause of your madness. You are not grieving. You are not even
> fucking sane.
> Arghhh..fuck off. Bend over and suck yourself. Rabid Cunt.
Shame on YOU!
        On this day, one year to the very day after the WTC atrocities,
you could not restrain yourself from criticizing actions the US proposes
to take not only in it's own self-defence, but also for global security.
You thus defecate upon the memories of those who died there, as well
as upon the memories of those who continue to fight and die to
preserve and protect the hallowed freedom of all peoples from those
who would destroy it in the name of Allah or a caliphate.
        I will NEVER FORGET what happened when we lowered our
guard in the face of a religiously fanatical and implacably zealous
membotic enemy, nor what might happen if such scum are given
WMD's by a self-styled Saladinic warlord. It cannot, it must not, it WILL
NOT be allowed to happen henceforth.
        Yes, I do hate the mind virus of Radical Islam, for I have seen
what that virulent infection compels people to do. Any sane person
realizes that it is paradoxical, yet nevertheless true, that the one thing
that a tolerant people or society finds intolerable and cannot in good
conscience abide is intolerance itself, and radical Islam is the very
DEFINITION of 'convert or die' intolerance. Such savage, vicious,
brutal, blind, willfully ignorant, absolutistic and theocratically
institutionalized intolerance cannot, for civilization's sake, be allowed to
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