Re: virus: Who is Ann Coulter?

From: Mermaid . (
Date: Wed Sep 11 2002 - 19:55:10 MDT

[Joe Dees]You condemned the US action in Afghanistan and you condemn a
prospective US action in Iraq, even though the former cleaned out a
terrorist viper's nest and freed a people imprisoned by extremist
religious zealots, and the latter may well forfend nuclear catastrophe at
the hands of a power-hungry and bloodthirsty despot.

[Joe Dees]I consider both positions to be extreme in the sense that if they
were to be adhered to, extremely disastrous and devastating consequences
would most likely result.

[Mermaid]An extreme is supposed to be 'situated as far as possible from the
centre'. *I* am not the extremist here.

[Mermaid]You are the extremist here. You are also trying to create your own
meanings for words. You lie. You cover up. You rage. You spam. You shit all
over this place. You are pitiful. You are sick. Get help.

[Mermaid]Can you give me the list of posts where I have "condemned" the
United States? You know...the ones that made you think that I hold an
extremist position? Back it up! Prove that you are not a lying sack of shit.

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