Re: virus: The temptation of hegemony

From: Mermaid . (
Date: Wed Sep 11 2002 - 15:31:29 MDT

[Joe Dees]The paper does not augur favorably for Islam, since it claims that
the divide is not over democratic vs. antidemocratic (citing polls showing
that most citizens of authoritarian Muslim regimes desire democracy), but
between the barbaric dehumanization of women in Islamic
countries, perpetrated with the sanction of the local clerics and with
appeals to the Qu'ran, and the relative gender egalitarianism of the
West. In either case, the Qu'ran is cited as the authority, whether in
justifying antidemocratic theocracy wielding sharia law or in mandating
blatant gender bigotry. Not a resounding rejection of Huntington's
observations vis-a-vis the aggressive nature of Islamic societies and
their propensity to attack not only each other, but also all surrounding

[Mermaid]Now that you have skimmed over all 30 pages of it...can you
actually read it?

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