Re: virus: The temptation of hegemony

From: Michelle (
Date: Wed Sep 11 2002 - 13:18:05 MDT

Wow, that's a pretty interesting article... I especially like the point
about America's perception of manifest destiny. While Joe argues that all
of this military action and political frenzy is necessary because of the
perceived immediacy of the threat (which may be the case), what about the
long term follow up?

Once the dominos begin to fall, America will have to enforce all of the
changes she has made - removing undesirable or unstable governments, etc.
We are the superpower, but do we have the stamina to be the world's arbiter
of governmental style, individual rights, etc. while maintaining our own?
What financial and social costs are hidden in the long term enforcement of
these objectives?

Or is there a possibility of a real utopian GlobalAmerica - with
France-America, Uganda-America, Israel-America, Saudi-America, etc? Like
Epcot center, only without insipid music...

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