Re: Re:virus: Why Islam Hates Democracy

From: Jonathan Davis (
Date: Wed Sep 11 2002 - 10:35:10 MDT

Err...Elven, speak for yourself.

Joe is an extremely highly esteemed member of this congregation.

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that what goes on in certain IRC
channels is representative of the list/congregation at large.

This is not Usenet, posts can be deleted easily. Rules can be set up to bin
those you have no time to read.

This tactic of subject flooding is fine for some random pest sent by a faith
meme, but Joe is a friend to many of us. I for one object to your subject
flood posts. I think you would be well advised protesting some other way.

Kind regards


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> It's to prove a point. Everyone is sick of his flooding. So we're going
to flood'em till he gets the point.
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