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nice. how influential is Ms Coulter? I havent heard of her, and im beginning
to wish i hadn't...what a complete fruitcake.

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[DylanS]If this isnt a Republican Party sponsored e-mag, then Im Pope
Gregory XIII.

[Mermaid]Greetings, Pope Gregory...:)

(or not)

[Mermaid]Forward is a magazine run by David Horowitz - Jewish
conservative(read as neo-con sibling) and wannabe demogogue. Not quite the
same as a Republican. Looks like them...will bark like them...when the
oppurtunity arises, will even bite them....almost similar to them, just more

rabid. It is not suprising because Joe Dees seems to be finding his links
and sources from some neo-conservative hub which promotes one agenda and one

agenda alone.

[Mermaid]Here is a little peek into the neo-con's bizzaro world...

Remember Ann Coulter? You know the one who wrote on Sept 13 that..."We
should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to
Christianity. We weren't punctilious about locating and punishing only
Hitler and his top officers. We carpet-bombed German cities; we killed
civilians. That's war. And this is war.".

Yea. That one. She wrote that in her coloumn a magazine called 'The National

Review"(surprise! another neo-conservative magazine!!) The editor of TNR,
Jonah Goldberg(I had identified him before as a neo-con in one of my earlier

posts...much before Joe Dees lost it)decided to kick Ann Coulter because he
didnt want National Review to "be associated" with such a coloumn.

Now, this is laughable. You being you and not Joe Dees, you might ask w-h-y.

Because Jonah Goldberg is a shining example of a neo-con who basically
wanted America to invade Africa and occupy it militarily. If thats not
ass-rippingly hilarious enough, the minute Ann Coulter was dropped by Jonah
Goldberg, as if on cue, she was swept away by David Horowitz. Of course, he
was suitably horrified.

"As a Jew, I could be uneasy at Ann's suggestion that mass conversion to
Christianity should be wielded as a tool of foreign policy were it not so
obvious that her comment was hyperbolic, tongue firmly in cheek."

Horowitz, by the way, supported Jonah Goldberg when he was cracked on the
knuckles for the 'invading Africa' comment. So, its all the same crowd
playing out to a dumb audience. Under the table, their hands are linked
together while they put on a show for the watching eyes. These are divisive
forces that expolit the United States of America for their own personal

While the neo-con wing takes care of the journalistic side of it, there is
another faction working towards spreading propaganda like MEMRI(,7792,773258,00.html )

and other "thinktanks" (,4273,4484490,00.html ).

Please also check out my latest post in Serious Business forum in the BBS to

understand how scary the friends we keep really are :

or the direct link: "The men from JINSA and CSP"

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