virus: yet another view

Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 13:53:23 MDT

It has been stated as fact that the US are the world cops
and (I cant remember because it is Friday afternoon and the
brew pub had some fine ales on this sunny day) that the
U.N. is the world court. That is the argument herein:

 If we model ourselves after the cops in this town, then we
cannot do anything until someone has committed a crime.
That is the cop's prime directive. This memeplex has
existed for many years. Cops can't go bust heads until they
have ample proof and a warrant from the judge. Otherwise,
it is not constitutional.

'Tis true that the guy in the Iraqi blue hat (Nostradamus
vision, wasn't it?) has committed past crimes and the
punishment doled out was sanctions and whatnot. He stole
from his neighbors and was put back with hundreds of
thousand dead. He killed his own and sanctions were
imposed. The World court (the U.N.) has decided!

Maybe in our death penalty society (of which I think we
should have electric bleachers), we consider THAT
punishment inadequate. I don't think it was enough. It
doesn't matter, that was the sentence imposed by the World
court (the U.N.)...

However, Saddam needs to be put back under surveillance. If
he won't allow it, the World court needs to decide what to
do. Not the chief of police (aka, shrub)...

How can we expect other countries to follow the model of
our constitution if we can go around it willy-nilly? The
"U.S. constitutional" democracy meme will not propagate
very well and we will look like bullies (a bad meme which
is responsible for most of the worlds troubles, IMO).

Aside: the big-ticket item in the news is kidnapping and
murder of children. It sucks that little kids are raped and
murdered by known child abusers. Why aren't these losers
be-headed before they lure another one in? It's not our

We AINT in the Wild West, NO lynchin's allowed. So go ride
off into the sunset (yeah, I know, the NY mushroom cloud
will resemble the sun in many ways)...

 We have to be above the animal with our civilized, perhaps
more robust memeplex. If the animal destroys us, then maybe
we were not worthy, and our memeplex sucked...


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