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From: Walter Watts (
Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 20:21:57 MDT

Michelle wrote:

> [Michelle] This is exactly the point. Not whether Joe or Hermit is right
> or wrong. It's the manners (or lack thereof) and the disregard for the
> collective pleas of the rest of the congregation. I am reminded of the
> monkey in Hanuman's temple at Andhra Pradesh this past week (
> ) ... he comes in and refuses
> to leave, even though he's starving to death. Some people love him, worship
> him - others feel he's mentally ill and needs professional help.... I say
> this mainly in jest, but I do feel as though our church is being held
> hostage by a member who's gone fanatical and refuses to shoosh. No one
> wants to hurt him, no one wants to oust him, they just want their old friend
> back. But the longer he refuses to be receptive to the general atmosphere,
> the harder it gets to have a healthy congregation.

True, dear friend.

Just promise you'll wait it out with me---- ;-'>


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