Re: virus: what is the purpose?

Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 11:42:39 MDT

On 6 Sep 2002 at 10:10, James Thompson wrote:

> After reluctantly wading through the vast amount of nonesense being
> currently "debated" for the past month or so, I find myself wondering
> what is the true aim of this organization. Was the sole purpose for
> forming this church really just to provide a forum for the propogation
> of individual opinions in a degenerating manner in attempt to acquire
> some useless consensus. I have watched as many obviously intelligent
> individuals fall to childlike behavior in their debates and as often
> the case it seems to be becomming contagious. Why is Joedees so
> desparately flooding us with his articles when the vast majority of
> the members have expressed their disapproval?
Ad populam is a 2500 year old greek logical fallacy. The logic of my
position is impeccable, if unpalatable to the preconceived
antiamericanism of some onlist.
> What is he trying to
> accomplish? What is anyone here trying to accomplish? I highly
> respect all forms of rational discourse and believe they hold inherent
> value for all involved, but I really must question where any of this
> is going. How many people on this list are simply lost, lonely people
> with a lot to say and no one to listen? Shouldn't we have a purpose
> greater than this? Its truly sad that so many people with so much
> insight, so much intelligence, so much ability to affect the course of
> history, simply fall to complacency, empty complaints, infantile
> name-calling, or over intellectualized diversions. Doesn't anyone
> here want to propogate the ideals that are the foundations of this
> church, or do we all just want to incessantly debate hollow issues,
> post cute articles, complain about how fucked up the world is, and
> show each other pictures of our babies. To be sure, I have appreciated
> many of the posts and the breadth of my vision has surely benefited
> from much of the discussion here, but really, I must inquire does
> anyone even care about any of the issues argued over often with so
> much passion? Does anyone really want to bring about change or do we
> just want to prove our pointless points. Go to war with Iraq, don't
> go to war with Iraq. Government is good, government is evil. lets
> talk. Joes right, kalkor's right, drsebby tries to mediate, Hermit
> steps in as the authority, oh, lets take a poll, bla, bla, bla. Its a
> never-ending circle, the wheels are turning, but we're standing in the
> same place. Now, someone can step in and refer me to some article in
> the archives, Hermit can intervene and attack my sentence structure
> and decorate his response with some smart quotes, or everyone can
> dismiss this post as a nice, but naive idea. Or, maybe, just maybe
> someone might take another look and reassess what we are really doing
> here. There is so much discussion, never any action, so much wasted
> potential. None of you know me, but I have love and respect for all
> of you. Are we all destined to die blind, with bleeding eyes wide
> open, throwing empty punches in the air...what is the purpose? James
> <veridicus>

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