virus: I support Joe Dees AND Hermit

From: Jonathan Davis (
Date: Fri Sep 06 2002 - 08:50:07 MDT

These men are the titans of this list/bbs/church and it is natural that they
have some huge fights from time to time.

Unfortunately this row about Iraq, like the row over Israel, has
deteriorated into a rather vicious squabble. Virtually every Virian virtue
is being regularly violated . Name calling is rife and accusations are
flying. Perhaps it is time for we as a church to leave politics alone for a

I believe that structural changes are being planned to make it easier to
take these bitter threads off the main list and let them die out elsewhere
on the system - away from the uninterested. Until them, maybe all the memes
can be boxed up and kept in one place?

Instead of posting articles to the list Guardian/New York Times versus
Telegraph/Times/Washington Post etc - why not simply submit them here and
those interested can go and get other peoples opinions in one handy

Here is a page devoted to articles pro and anti the possible war against
Iraq. It is of course just an example...



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