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Date: Wed Sep 04 2002 - 21:19:53 MDT

On 4 Sep 2002 at 15:46, Archibald Scatflinger cut'n'pasted:
> Armstrong also blasted criticism of Stone's JFK movie prior to the
> scenes even being shot. He criticized Times Harken coverage as
> "half-measures." His last Texas Observer words were: "Time's handling
> of the Harken story is just one more example of the disturbing trend
> toward preemptive journalism. The consequences of this practice are
> serious indeed, for it has the potential to not only diffuse and
> obscure information, but to prevent it from ever being debated in the
> public arena at all. Unlike the alternative press, mainstream sources
> are widely available and well indexed. For that reason, they are
> widely cited and help shape official history. Twenty years from now
> when George W. Bush is running for president, researchers and
> journalists interested in his business activities in Texas will likely
> turn to Time magazine and other mainstream sources of their
> information. But if they're interested in reading the whole story,
> they'll have to look elsewhere."(23)
> Johan Fitche, in his Address to the German People, declares that the
> children will be taken over and told what to think and how to think
> it. To Hegel, the world is a world of reason. The state is Absolute
> Reason and the citizen can only become free by worship and obedience
> to the state. The state is the "march of God in the world" and the
> "final end". This "final end has supreme right against the individual,
> whose supreme duty is to be a member of the state". Both Fascism and
> Communism have their philosophical roots in Hegellianism. "President
> Franklin Roosevelt's Alien Property Custodian, Leo T. Crowley, signed
> Vesting Order Number 248[11/17/42] seizing the property of Prescott
> Bush under the Trading with Enemy Act. The order, published in obscure
> government record books and kept out of the news, Note #4 explained
> nothing about the Nazis involved; only that the Union Banking
> Corporation was run for the "Thyssen family" of "Germany and/or
> Hungary" -- "nationals ... of a designated enemy country." Yale,
> Professor of History, Gaddis Smith, said, "Yale has influenced the
> Central Intelligence Agency more than any other university, giving the
> CIA the atmosphere of a class reunion." And "Bonesman" have been
> foremost among the "spooks", virtually, building the CIA into a
> "haunted house".
> President Bush may not be as menacing a figure, but he has hardly
> concealed his desire for greater powers. Never mind that he has
> mentioned -- on no fewer than three occasions -- how much easier
> things would be if he were dictator.
> The purpose of this document is to share with you my discovery, my
> shame, my outrage, and my commitment -- in a word, the LIE. With the
> help of an amazing variety of intense, sincere, and fiercely
> independent individuals, I have discovered that the major portion of
> my life's blood, my life's energy, has been systematically and
> diabolically transfused into the veins of a beast. I have been
> deliberately miseducated, defrauded, and manipulated from my infancy
> by human beings who held authority and should have been trustworthy.
> Those same individuals have made me a party to evil acts of a scope
> and magnitude which, at times cause my spirit to shrink almost to the
> point of being extinguished by shame. The shame is most painful with
> the realization that my susceptibility and servicability to the LIE
> came, and continues to come, as a result of the LIE within me and my
> inability or unwillingness to face it. I would like to believe that I
> did not face it in the past because I simply had no idea how much evil
> was being conducted with my misinformed, apathetic support. From this
> time forward, I pray that I may be unalterably committed to opposing
> the LIE in every aspect of my personal life and in the public forum as
> my human strength and ability may allow.
What is extremely important to kooks is that all sources of non-kooky
information be discredited, so that their kooky assertions may be seen
to be strengthened rather than weakened by contrary information from
such sources.

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