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Date: Tue Sep 03 2002 - 05:09:03 MDT

But how can we have a meaningful argument out of this? Perhaps you could post one particular reference from the ones you mentioned which you have found convincing enough.

Sorry but I am unable to do that as I found none of them convincing!

I know, not very helpful.

Again, just one person interested in material wealth is needed. Even one greedy person who just read about that and managed to reproduce a described effect.

Just one please!! :)

What strikes me as bizarre is that believers in psi think that I don't want it to be true!!

[Joe Dees]
Those who accept the verification principle of scientific experimentation and evidence, and the principle of popperian falsifiability, are always willing to change, modify, elaborate and/or refine their positions as a result of new evidence or novel logic applied to existing knowledge; they therefore cannot be said to be fundamentalists, as their so-called 'fundament' is ever-changing.

Thanks Joe, that gave clarity to my thoughts.

Jake - I have no idea what it is like, only that having recently been called one did make me review my position. I think Robert Anton Wilson coined the term 'fundamental materialist' in his book The New Inquisition. I read this book many years ago before learning about the scientific method etc. I am now in the process of taking a more critical read of said book.

Thanks for the responses.

Take care and control.

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