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From: rhinoceros (
Date: Thu Aug 29 2002 - 06:48:20 MDT

Bad news for those who enjoyed the satirical crossposts on our list, such as this one

Supreme court rules earnings should be protected as "art"

or this one

Hackers beg boring people to stop encrypting email

It seems that the founder and sole employee of the site is going to get a life.


"I've been producing SatireWire by myself for 159 Internet years (2.67 Earth years), and in a staff meeting yesterday, I all agreed it's time for me to move on," said Marlatt. "While the decision was certainly difficult, the meeting was actually quite harmonious. I brought doughnuts."

The site will still exist, but as an archive of (mostly) intelligent humor pieces that, in their own small way, reflected the times in which they were wrought.


It's not about the money. The site actually makes money &#8212; through advertising, through the book "Economy of Errors," and (primarily) through selling pieces from the site to publications like, say, the Washington Post, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, or the National Post in Canada. Nice little setup, actually. I've been very lucky. But the bottom line is, it has ceased to be fun. My heart is not in it. My head is not in it. (And please, no emails saying, "Yeah, lately we could kinda tell." Like I need to hear that.)

The thing is, SatireWire, successful as it has been, is also suffocating. I work best tangentially, meaning I work best when I let ideas just come at me, flitting about my head like confetti as I marvel at all the pretty colors, the way they turned in the wind. I would pick out the ones I liked, put them together, make a story. But the confetti no longer falls. It's all on the ground now. The parade is over. I'm just sweeping up ideas off the pavement. And that's not good enough


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