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Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 16:44:43 MDT


Perhaps the real problem with many of us here (see I'm trying to look at it your way) is not so much the need to remove Saddam, as with the person who would lead us into such an endeavor . . . That stupid immature sub-human smirking chimp. The thing I actually disagree most with you on is not the worthiness of Saddam to get the shit kicked out of him, but rather you bland assertion that this subhuman primatem leading us has matured at all such that I would trust him to do anything right in terms of foreign policy. You see I think there is a reason that NONE of our allies are on board with this. The only reason any coalition was possible at all for the Afganistan campaign, was the compelling nature of the situation (I agreed with it myself), not the dumbass promoting it. If anything, this administration has gotten worse on foreign policy, not better, with this uncivilized attitude of unilateralism, combined with ever escalating religious rhetoric worthy of the most extreme armageddon-minded religious Chri
stian fundamentalist fuckwad. And while you may think this is nothing but harmless rhetoric in service to a greater good (ridding the international community of a dangerous despot) as someone who should better appreciate the danger and power of this language not only in the US, but abroad as well both amongst our would-be allies and our current enemies. . . your assertions that this @#$^!@!!!!!! has matured stands to me as the evidence that you have on some level taken leave of your better senses. This is the man who called for a CRUSADE for fucking godsake!!!! It's gotten so bad that politicians in countries supposedly allied with us can now successfully make a whole careers out of running against that American shithead leader of ours. Wake up, JOE!!!!! Anyways, I know you simply have to have the last word on these topic lately, so I really don't have anything more to say about it. No links or references to try to impress you with. No more comebacks. Only my own voice and PoV on this, but obviously
am not alone on that. Go ahead and take the last word. On other topics I still respect you.



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