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From: jane citizen (citizenjane@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 02:03:57 MDT

Hello all,
After what seems like months I have begun catching up on the latest virus digest which prove as potentially interesting as once before.  In light of Hermits last post I would agree with his reluctance to wade through lots and lots of non-essential argument, one of the reasons I sometimes do not bother to read at all, but have no immediate solutions to offer as how to prune the branches of thought.
I am also not fond of large clippings by authors of articles, not unless I am particularly interested in it.  Perhaps those becoming involved in ongoing debates that draw little response from others could communicate between themselves?
I look forward to reading the backlog of virus-digest and BTW I'm finally, quite by accident (well as 'accidentally' as two adults can), and without love or commitment being confirmed, gonna be a parent with dear old Mart whom none of you know......come the hot Australian month of February there's gonna be another little tyke brought into this world to make trouble and ask questions and subvert the dominant paradigm, in the meantime we'll try to rescue what's left of old growth forest in the state of Victoria before it's ALL sold off as woodchip @ something ludicrous like 9c a tonne.  Anyone know of how I can sue the government for underselling national resources?  Any international precedents set?
Talk again soon, howdy sick puppy, casey.

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