Re:virus: A Short Phenomenology of the Conspiracy Theorist

From: Kirk Steele (
Date: Sat Aug 24 2002 - 22:48:08 MDT

...and further more, the confabulations of such marginal delusions are catered to by the collective groupthink nature of the ameriKan ideologue. Were it not for the "kind of celebration of ignorance" (Sagan) that ameriKa whole heartedly embraces, such protestations of the "evil other" would be fodder for the bottom of a bird cage vice the banner of our daily rag.

No, as a society, ameriKa and other "write" minded cultural niches have come to openly embrace contorted machinations du merde that feed the emotional investments in their own private, yet unrepeatable in the objective sphere, logic.

It is far more palatable for people such as that who fling scat to blindly push the "I believe button" of their own creation and patently assert that all who disagree are cocospiritors, than it is to cast an objective eye toward the simple nature of such a folle au deu. No, expect that those who invest such ranting and raving in their own personal jesuses to continue doing so in light of the repeatably innanity of their assertions. For to abadon them would be to openly admit the complete intellectual foly that their personal identity is founded upon.


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