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Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 18:43:30 MDT

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> {Blunderov]
> I suppose there is no way to tell if the bad spirits were in fact
> schizophrenic, or whether these were ritual, as opposed to functional,
> practices.

It does make sense though. The symptoms of schizophrenia could be mistaken as
possesion. Visual and aural delusions would probably make the extremely
religious population think that they were in contact with Santa (afterall,
God only talks to the clergy, and they're never insane).

There are many "safe" ways to perform a labotomy in your own home. One method
which turned out to be very safe which was in widespread use in the 30s was
to stick a spike through the eye socket (above the eye). It had a very low
fatality rate compared to other methods at the time.

If a trepanning precudure (for the uninformed, it consists of drilling a hole
into the skull and releasing the evil spirits posessing the body) was lucky,
and didn't go too deeply into the brain, the patient could survive.

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