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Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 13:21:29 MDT

On 22 Aug 2002 at 13:05, rhinoceros wrote:

> [Joe Dees]
> And when isthe 'proper' time to panic? After the mushroom cloud
> rises? How much better to forfend that possibility; even if uncertain,
> it is far too devastating a possibility to risk its actualization.
> [rhinoceros]
> Joe, has it occured to you that while you are busy with Saddam someone
> else in South America is secretly preparing to deliver the mushroom
> cloud on NYCity? You never know.
> [Jake] Yeah, we better invade South America.
> [Joe Dees]
> We'd better attend to the genuine threats of which we know, rather
> than making fake ones up in a futile attempt to score rhetorical
> points.
> [rhinoceros]
> But the Saddam threat is also just a possibility. What if a colleague
> of Bin Laden supported by huge funds has established an underground
> laborary under the Andes? Would you risk caught in surprise and the
> mushroom cloud delivered upon NYCity? It would surely be too late to
> regret then.
Yeah, and what if those dwarfs busily fellating unicorns beneath the
mountains of the moon were also constructing interplanetary ICBM's,
ayy? I speak of genuine, authentic, substantial, concrete and real
possibilities, not those whioch may be considered as a sliver over zero
probability simply because statistically, no logical possibility can be
absolutely discounted. Let's deal with the overwhelmingly more likely.
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