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Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 11:42:34 MDT RE: virus: On war Thu 2002/08/22 06:32 PM wrote
The reason he didn't used weapons of that kind against coalition forces
in the Gulf War was indeed because of a message communicated to
him promising a 'devastating response' should he be foolhardy enough
to do so. However, although missiles fired are traceable back to their
launch points, thus limiting the deniability of catastrophic amounts of
chemical weapons, biological and nuclear weapons may be delivered
by other less traceable means, such as ships or cargo containers in the
case of nukes, and even more various ways in the case of bioweapons.
It is likely that he would depend upon people like some denizens that
inhabit this list demanding absolute proof that a WMD attack was
facilitated by Iraq or that a WMD weapon was supplied to a terror group
by Saddam Hussein before a massive response could be launched, and
thus hope to evade or elide retribution. Of course, here his hope would

be forlorn, but he has severely miscalculated vis-a-vis the US before,
and his animus towards the US does little to clarify his judgment
policies, plus, as he gets older, surviving such an action may become
less important that a legacy as a modern-day Saladin (whom he idolizes
and styles himself after, and who was born in Saddam's home city of
Tikrit), the first Muslim to employ nukes against the hated infidels.
not like concern for the people of Iraq would ever stay his hand. The
longer the US waits, the more dangerous and costly it will be to oust
him; it should be done sooner rather than later for the benefit of all,
including those in Iraq suffering under his murderous, iron-heeled rule.

Your prescience is striking. Not only do you seem to have a deep insight
into the intimate character and intentions of Hussein, but this insight
is sufficient for you (and Bush) to presume to predict the future as if
it were as ineluctable as a Greek fate.

I must remind you that in previous post you characterized Hussein as
"insane". Yet you later posted an article in which it was made clear
that he is not. I asked you for a source for the "threats" that you have
asserted that Hussein has uttered. Nada.

It seems to me that you are deeply afflicted with some malignant meme.
Perhaps it is "terror"?

At least that would explain why a normally rigorously rational person
should become so unamenable to even the most telling arguments.

This is not a good time to panic.

Warm regards


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