Re: virus: The menace continues...

Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 10:37:16 MDT

On 22 Aug 2002 at 8:00, Mermaid . wrote:

> Ok. So now Brian Whitaker from Guardian, a British publication, has
> less than honourable intentions?
> Washington Post(American publication), Howard Kurtz. Although this is
> a less than obvious dig because this is not an op-ed piece and its not
> spelled out. This is plain old reporting. So, it requires a little
> more effort(and willingness to employ certain faculties)to grasp the
> import of the words.
> It's the same pack. Same folks that feed fears of 'axis of evil' and
> 'kernel of evil'. This, my friends, is how media is exploited and
> manipulated.
> Times Takes Flak on Iraq
> Conservatives Call Coverage of Bush Policy Slanted
> advertisement
> By Howard Kurtz
> Washington Post Staff Writer
> Wednesday, August 21, 2002; Page C01
By who? The Times? I heard Henry Kissinger myself on a TV talk
show recently concerning his position on Iraq, and it is clear to anyone
with ears that the Times' assertions concerning his position were a
blatant lie.

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