Re:virus: On war

Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 12:30:34 MDT

On 21 Aug 2002 at 12:10, rhinoceros wrote:

> [Joe Dees]
> I, for one, am not prepared to wait for the mushroom cloud to rise
> above New Your harbor in order to salve your need for a basis; an
> ounce of prevention is worth a megaton of cure.
> [rhinoceros]
> They could just wait for two and a half years, with surveilance and
> everything, and see how it goes. (Didn't they say that Saddam will
> have da bomb ready in three years?) In this way, much less people
> would see Bush and his advisors as mad(wo)men attacking just on a
> hunch.
And if Saddam has it ready, and uses it, in 2 1/4 years, how will you
compensate the millions, both here and in a nuclear-response-
devastated Iraq, for your miscalculation?
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