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> All language is manipulative; all language is attempted persuasion.
Anytime you talk, you are attempting to persuade the others present to
listen to what you have to say, rather than talking themselves; you are
taking and holding the floor. When you talk, you want to be listened to,
believed, respected, appreciated, accepted, agreed with. No matter how much
you may wish to be neutral in your communication, you cannot not manipulate.
As speaker, you are controlling the conversational space, whether you like
that idea or not. And you cannot escape by refusing to talk, either;
unilateral silence is one of the most manipulative forms of language, and
one of the most negative.
> Since you cannot choose between manipulative and nonmanipulative
communication, your only choice -- unless you are willing and able to
withdraw totally from all human interaction -- is the choice between skilled
manipulation and unskilled manipulation. It is my firm opinion that since
you must manipulate others with your language, it's best for you to know
what you are doing and do it with skill.
> -Suzette Haden Elgin, Ph.D.
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