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Date: Wed Aug 21 2002 - 10:32:52 MDT

On 21 Aug 2002 at 9:03, Mermaid . wrote:

> [Joe Dees]If they knew there would be no Israeli reaction to the
> murder, they would dance[..]
> [Mermaid]Oh yes? This, I suppose, is your expert opinion.
> [Joe Dees][..]- and some still do, and fire their weapons exultantly
> into the air.
> [Mermaid]Jonathan Davis referred to Palestinians dancing on the
> streets when Israeli children die. A lie. He cant help it. You are
> referring to the burials of Palestinian suicide bombers where they
> fire their weapons in the air. It's not your fault. I blame your
> diseased state of mind. You cant help it.
Neither is a lie, although you dearly wish they were. Tough turds.
> [Mermaid]A reading recommendation: My post titled "Poisoned Platters".
> [Joe Dees]Their burials of Palestinian suicide bombers resemble joyful
> street parties.
> [Mermaid]When my grandmother died, we mourned for 10 days, feasted for
> 6 and on the 16th day, we threw a gala party. I even got a new dress.
> It's tradition. It was also a blast. My all time favourite Indian
> sweet is a death ceremony special. I couldnt wait for the oldest crone
> twice removed to kick the bucket. Everything about death is saturated
> with food. In the end, most death ceremonies(if your average american
> funeral feels like ...well..a funeral, blame the Puritans)are
> puncutated with loud celebrations. A celebration of life. Not death.
> Many cultures celebrate death. Death rituals are often not for the
> deceased, but it does exist for those who are left behind. After all,
> the death dont give a shit. Do they? Traditions, as you'd know, are
> passed on from generation to generation. Some can be traced back to
> thousands and thousands of years. Primitive man feared death. I have
> always imagined orgies, drunken parties and really bad and loud music
> after a funeral. Also, it is quite possible that parading the death in
> small, close knit communities made practical sense as its the best
> means of communicating the bad news, announcing the departure to
> creditors, freeing the debtors from their hiding places etc. Even
> several tribal socities and other cultures which still hang
> on to tradition blindly, the death are often sent on to their final
> resting place amidst lots of noise and fanfare. Not understanding this
> reveals ignorance. But arent you like faculty or something someplace?
> You should know. Maybe a bubble bath will clear the cobwebs and help
> you get back to your usual sunny disposition.
Excuses, excuses...
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