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Date: Sun Aug 18 2002 - 16:14:19 MDT

Always wanted to build your very own nuke? Now you can! (almost)

The Physics Behind Nuclear Weapons
I must inform you that the heading that this section is given may be
slightly misleading. Certainly I shall discuss certain aspects about how
the atoms interact; however, for the most part I will be explaining the
simple steps required to construct a weapon of such caliber. Contrary to
what it may seem, I am not a young teenager bent on world destruction or
the death of others. This information is being provided for the simple
reason of interest. The data provided below is not intended in any way
to be used in the serious construction of a nuclear weapon. Not only
that, but anyone wishing to construct such a weapon would most likely
end up killing himself either through nuclear detonation or, more
likely, from radiation exposure. The simple reason this page exists is
for people such as myself who find nuclear weapons interesting in both
their method of construction as well as detonation....


Although somewhat brief, this page has discussed the fundamental ideas
behind nuclear weapons. Realistically one could not use this information
to construct a practical weapon for the simple reason that it does not
go into enough detail. Again, I would like to emphasize that it this is
here merely because of interest, not because of any intent to harm
another person or group of persons. Hopefully sometime in the near
future this page will be expanded to include diagrams, more specific
information, and pictures. However, I am extremely busy and will
probably not be able to work on this page again for quite some time.

Warm regards

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