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I found this about Belgium, but they are talking about 1983, not after WW2.


In Belgium the Stay Behind group SDRA-8 was linked with terror tactics and coup attempts. In 1983, in order to convince the Belgian public that a security crisis existed, Gladio operatives and police officers staged a series of seemingly random shootings in supermarkets. The following year, a group of U.S. marines parachuted into Belgium and attacked a police station. A civilian died in the operation, which was intended to give the impression that the country was on the brink of Red revolution. Guns used in the operation were later planted in a Brussels house used by a Communist splinter group.

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If that is what the initial article was talking about, I also found this



"The Belgian government said it was investigating possible links between
its own clandestine network and a spate of particularly brutal raids on
supermarkets around Brussels in the mid 1980's, in which 28 people died.
Several policemen and well-known right-wingers were arrested after
ballistic tests, but no one was brought to trial. (Fiona Leney & Wolfgang
Achtner, Independent, 10/11/90)

"The Belgian arm now existed in "cadre form" but still operated a radio
communication system, he [Belgian defence Minister, Guy Coeme] said. "It
was a secret service in the 1950s intended for resistance, radio networks,
intelligence and - for some time a service for sabotage." The last of these
functions was closed in the 1970s and there was no evidence that it had
stored arms or ammunition. There have been allegations for more than a
year of links between elements in the Belgian secret police and an obscure
neo-nazi organisation, Westland New Post, some of whose alleged members
have been charged with stealing secret Nato documents. The leader of the
Post, Paul Latinus, was found dead - possibly from suicide - and a
subsequent reorganisation of the Belgian secret service led to the
resignation of its long term chief, Albert Rees." (John Palmer, Guardian,

"The network, Belgian authorities say, held its latest coordination
committee meeting in Brussels during September." (John Palmer, Guardian,

"General Major Raymond van Calster, chief of the Belgian Army's
Intelligence Service, whom some Belgian media had described as head of the
Gladio network for Belgium, in an interview to the Belgian news agency
Belga, denied on Saturday it existed in Belgium. He said he did not know
of the alleged anti-communist cells." (Associated Press, 11/11/90)

"Andre Moyen - a former member of the Belgian military security service and
of the network - said Gladio was not just anti-Communist but was fighting
subversion in general. "There were at least six hiding places for arms in
Belgium until two months ago, and it had prepared a sabatage network" he
said...[Former defence minister] de Donna said that the 17 Gladio members
in Belgium went on survival training courses. He added there was also a
network of "sleeping members"...He added that his predecessor had given
Gladio 142 million francs (4.6 million dollars) to buy new radio
equipment." (Reuter, 13/11/90)

"'Shortly after I became minister of justice on January 16, 1984 I was
informed about 'Stay Behind'', former Justice Minister Jean Gol said in an
interview with the Socialist daily 'Le Peuple'. He said Belgium's 1984
budget contained 10 million francs (328,000 dollars) to modernise the
network's sophisticated communications equipment, code-named 'Harpoon'. (P.
Neuray, Associated Press, 14/11/90)

"Gol said a total of 50 civilians were members of Stay Behind in 1984, most
of them former World War 11 resistance agents." (Associated Press,

"Earlier this week, Belgium's Defence Minister, Guy Coeme, said the Belgian
arm of the network, SDRA-8, set up with British weapons in 1949, was still
active under the head of the Belgian military's intelligence service. Mr
Coeme said Nato was aware of its existence, although it was never part of
the alliance and in recent years was only a communications network..."
(Independent, 16/11/90)

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