RE: virus: Hokay, Guyz-n-Galz

Date: Sat Aug 17 2002 - 17:36:58 MDT

On 17 Aug 2002 at 10:41, Archibald Scatflinger wrote:

> I'm curious,
> Do you honestly believe that the best way to prevent an all out world
> war is by starting one as soon as possible? If so, then that is
> probably the most ass backwards and stupid thing I have heard all day.
> Do you put out fires by spraying them with thousands of gallons of
> rocket fuel?
> You're probably right though; Americans are inherently better then
> other humans and should be allowed to kill large masses on a whim.
> Brilliance
> Archibald
In this case, it's like setting a small backfire to prevent the spread of a
much greater conflagration. And I never said that Americans were
inherently better than other humans.
Considering all the paranoid stupidities that you post to this list as
insider gospel, for you to view my posts as stupid is, considering the
source of the observation, quite a high compliment.

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