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Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 20:03:06 MDT wrote:

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> [Jake] No you heard Blackmore correctly. And I think this is one area
> that her ideological musing really make for more distractions than
> clarifications. I see no compelling reason to make issues of self and
> selfhood some sort of pivot stone for memetics. Certainly given
> memetics we can look at selfness in new and interesting and ways, but
> going on about selves themselves doesn't really do anything
> interesting for the progress of memetics. Unless you want to
> intellectually masturbate the next phenomenological narrative free
> will chaos magick memeplex into existence. In which case allow me to
> recommend this Email list that I am subscribed to called "Church of
> the Virus".
> -Jake
> ;-)

Jake---Occasionally a post will remind me of why I joined this listserv.

This was one of them.

Love you, brother.



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