virus: Re:Just thought I'd let you all know....

From: elvensage (
Date: Fri Aug 16 2002 - 15:10:57 MDT

     Thank you Hermit. I've been busy working on the new website mainly. It's nearly completed. On top of that I had a lot of preperation to do for going to a concert this summer. I had the chance to see Tool. If any of you know that this band will be around in your area, I'd go see them. Trust me, they are some very inspirational and talented people. Me and all my friends that went with me had the chance to meet the band. Although, the lead singer, Maynard... he ran when he saw I had a camera, and wouldnt come talk to me after that. Although the rest of the band was cool and stood around talking with us a few hours before the show. I acquired the picture of the Tool pass (that I posted on a different thread) from Danny Carrie, and his father.

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