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Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 18:41:23 MDT

On 15 Aug 2002 at 17:43, Casey wrote:

> [Casey 1]
> Rice Tries to Rally British Against Saddam
> From Associated Press
> LONDON -- National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice called Iraq's
> Saddam Hussein an "evil man" today in a broadcast interview, saying he
> would wreak havoc on the world if the West does nothing to stop him.
> "'Bush, himself the most intellectually backward American president of
> my political lifetime, is surrounded by advisers whose bellicosity is
> exceeded only by their political, military and diplomatic illiteracy,'
> Kaufman wrote."
> This gentleman is truly a scholar. :)
> [Joe Dees 1]
> He sounds as if his remarks were scripted by Hermit.
> [Casey 2]
> All kidding aside, Joe, there's only 1 person in the Bush
> administration that I have much respect for and can say think fondly
> of---that would be Colin Powell.
> For the most part they're all part of the boys club----business and
> oils types---including Condoleeza Rice. That's not a true
> representation of their constituents. They've all lived in a degree
> of luxury that is unknown to the majority of US citizens Not that
> that's wrong, mind you, but rather that they are outta touch with the
> everyday Joe who lives on Main Street in Smalltown, USA. I question
> the policy decisions frequently, however I also give them a lot of
> thought. And, when watching Bush speak it seems as if the
> Republicans purposely chose a man who is like the majority. Someone
> who can reassure the US constituency, in his "common man" tongue,
> that everything is a-ok, while he and the rest of his Republican
> cabinet end up taking away civil liberties, detain individuals in
> violation of the Geneva Convention, pursue a war unjustly(?), among
> other things.
If Joe Six Pack had been in charge during 9/11, the nukes would've
been flying before 9/12, so give the guys-n-gals a little credit; after all,
they'd been through conflicts before (the Gulf War) with Bush Sr., and
kept cool heads when most Americans wanted to atomically vaporize
anyone who might be remotely connected to the attack.
> Fond regards,
> Casey
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