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Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 15:08:20 MDT

It's evident that the UK and the US share a "special relationship". But, I question how and when that relationship comes to a head---meaning...under what circumstances will the UK feel no obligation to follow on the coat tails of the US.

In the recent past the UK and the US have gone into conflicts without many differences between their stated goals. But, in the current Iraq situation, among others that we've discussed, there would seem to be a hesitation on the UK's part. I find no fault with this. None whatsoever. I'd rather nations take a stand against policies they feel to be misleading or just plain ol' wrong. With that said, and the article I cited, it would seem to be political suicide for Blair to ally himself with Bush and send in troops. The polls speak volumes about constituents feelings on this subject. And, as we in the US know, politicians live and die by the polls.

Incidentally, after having studied politics for so many years, I came to the conclusion that it's not the message of the speaker, but the speaker's friends who put them into power. Look at the most recent election of the US. If people want to change the political power wrangling in the US, then you'd better hop on the horse now. Because, as I see it, you won't have the time, nor resources, to do it 50 years from now...hell, probably not even 10.

However, with that said, you would need a message that would spur the masses to defeat the status quo. The status quo are the current political powers---Democrats and Republicans. Is it possible? I really don't know. With alot of what's going on today in mainstream politics in the US you can barely find the differences between the two parties. That's a major dilemna. They share almost all of the same principles---save a few. If you were to introduce a viable 3rd party, then things may be shaken up. But, since the powers that be drown out the voices of opposition so easily I cannot see that happening in the foreseeable future. A dramatic change would need to occur---one unlike any we've seen in the recent past, let alone our generation.
How do we do it? Now, that's a good question---one worth investigating.

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