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> > >That is absolutely unacceptable.
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> > So is a nuked Manhattan.
> Is it not more worrying that so many have accepted a militarisation of
> foreign policy through the adoption of the "war on terror"? Reading
> the many responses on this thread, there appears to be a visceral
> indulgence in the political and military possibilities that this
> vision brings on the part of some or a wholesale rejection of these
> actions on the part of others.
> But the subject line of the thread is misleading. There is no
> globalisation of fear since the phrase, "war on terror" had (at least)
> two meanings: actions against terrorists who struck at the targets of
> the United States or its Western Allies; and, a war to ensure that
> Americans would not feel terror in their own land. This thread is
> about the terror that respondents on this list who live in the United
> States fear and their political responses to that threat.
> However, a response that includes turning Islam into the 'other' by
> picking out certain themes and events that you find disagreeable in
> these countries, this culture, this religion and selecting them as the
> traits of an enemy, is counterproductive. Moreover, it is easy and
> lazy, because you do not have to think about whether certain actions
> are acceptable.
Actually, certain themes prevalent in radical Islam serve to potentiate
such terror attacks among the people who hold them.
> I know that it is easy as it is often the gut reaction of Westerners
> to these cultures. If you watch "One Day in September", the
> documentary about the terrorists at the Munich Olympics, you come away
> applauding the Israelis for having wiped these scum of the face of the
> earth, after the Germans let them go. You feel horrified at the
> contemporary feel of Arabs parading coffins through the streets in
> Libya in 1972 and celebrating the deaths of martyrs, even though they
> had the blood of innocent civilians on their hands. These people hold
> values that are morally and politically perverted.
> But war will not change this, not unless you physically conquer these
> countries, like Nazi Germany, and use defeat and poltical rule to
> restructure their cultures.
And of course, Japan.
If that's what it takes.
> You must find those elements of the Islamic cultures that are
> pro-Western, strengthen them, and ensure that they prevail in an
> Muslim Kulturkampf. It is a battle of 'hearts and minds'. If this is
> not done, we will face the same problem in the next generation.
We will be facing strands and strains of this problem for centuries, until
the medieval mindset of radical Islam is dragged kicking and screaming
into responsible rapproachment with the modern world.
> Philip Chaston
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