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Date: Thu Aug 15 2002 - 08:50:11 MDT

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> Sometimes what a person snips tells you more than what they don't.

Indeed. Recently you have said a lot, told me much, taught me nothing.

> The primary source was B'tselem. Secondary sources were Rummel, UN HCR,
Ha'Aretz, and the site which you chose to snip -
> and about
which I said, "I recommend this site. Somebody has done the reseach. Well
worth >reading." along with sites linked from it.

You are talking about Iraq, I am talking about Palestine. Why not stick to
the issues at hand? The page above is a simple advocacy site. It pitches an
angle I know well. If there is something specific on the site you want me to
examine to support some point of view of yours, then tell me what it is. In
the mean time why don't you look at this site. Somebody has done the
research. Well worth reading:

>> As you appear to be in accute denial that either Israel or the US can do
anything wrong,

LOL! You know this is false. You know I can now embarrass you by posting
examples of where I have said otherwise. I won't though. You asked me to
drop the issue, so I will.

>refuse to examine sources,

Incorrect. I examine sources if they are relevant. You have a well used and
commented upon tactic of throwing massive reams of data at your opponents
and declaring "There is the proof!". In the past, examination of your reams
has not even yielded support for your claims not to mention proof. I for one
know not to fall into this trap. I ask you for specific relevant evidence.
You seldom supply it. Mostly all I get is an anti-Israeli site. It is like
someone handing me a bible and declaring - There is your proof unbeliever!

> appear bereft of the ability to use either logic or reason,

Hehehehe. Shame. Why is it you cannot get the better of this intellectual
cripple, Hermit? Have you met your match in a cripple?

>I am not going to respond to the balance of your diatribe.

What diatribe? I did not post one. Are you now receiving e-mails from the
other side Hermidamus?

[The text above was seeded to indicate the tongue in cheek content of much
of the above. They were deleted to avoid infuriating you ]



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