Re:virus: Combined post to Casey and Jonathan Davis.

Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 17:06:34 MDT

On 14 Aug 2002 at 15:51, Hermit wrote:

> [Jonathan Davis 1] This forum is overrun with apologists for our
> street dancing ululating Palestinian terror supporters and their ilk.
> [Hermit 5] Supporting terrorists by dancing and ululating? Who exactly
> does dancing harm? What about ululating (as long as I don't have to
> listen to it)? Are you arguing that this constitutes a crime against
> anything but good taste? Is this how you justify the call to "Kill
> them all! God will know his own."
> [Blunderov 2] <Quotes from Red Meat>
> [Mailman0] "You see, when you are crushing a man's windpipe with your
> knee, you may be sure he will attempt to bite you" [Milkman Dan1] "Yes
> I've noticed that."
> [joedees 3] You see, when a man repeatedly kicks you in the gonads,
> you will hold him down any way you can manage to get him to stop.
> [Blunderov 4] Yes I've noticed that.
> [Hermit 5] So Joe, are you now suggesting that we stop targeting Iraq?
To answer that, I will say this:
When a fellow has knifed several other people and repeatedly tried but
failed to knife you, has threatened to shoot you down, and is busy
running all over town trying to buy a gun, you will run him over with your
car before he can find a seller.
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