Re:virus: An Ethical Group?

From: Hermit (
Date: Wed Aug 14 2002 - 15:33:04 MDT

[Joe Dees] Whether he is clinical or simply so enraged that he would perpetrate a nuclear terror attack, the result is the same - and insane. "Mad" does have two meanings; perhaps he is so much the first that it has driven him into the second.

[Hermit] In contravention of the Convention to Prevent Genocide, the United States took and is taking deliberate action designed to cause and disseminate lethal pathologies in Iraq in the anticipation that this would eventually lead to revolution. Instead about 1 million of the children of Iraq have died of these diseases.

[Hermit] The population of Iraq is 25 million or so. That of the US 280 million or so. Call it 1 to 10.
If somebody spread a disease in the US that killed about 10 million children, wouldn't you be pissed? Would you want to hurt the originator? Not even just a little?

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