Re: virus: A Raucous Cross-Post

From: Walter Watts (
Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 23:38:29 MDT

Joe, you've found my "imperceptible, undetectable and existentially
untestable" spirit of patriotism that is a subset of the "might makes right
survival above all else" memeplex.

You've digitally manipulated it, or as we call it in redneck Okie country,
finger-fucked it.

I'm in redneck orgasmic bliss from the experience, and just wanted to thank

Your exortation to
boys-afraid of women and jacking off in the dark women hating paternalistic
chicken--shit jackasses(well, you get the picture) was
neural-net-ready-to-fire pattern matching right on. And I'm not ashamed of
it either.

Of course that's just my ALIVE, STILL carrying on the germ-line
survival-of-the-highest-on-the-fitness-landscape opinion.

Take her sleazy, brother!!!!!

And to anyone on CoV that doesn't understand where I'm coming from, please
don't bristle at my irrational-on-a-stick rhetoric.

Love to all (really),


Walter wrote:

> To those extremists that perpetrated this crime against our nation,
> I have a warning for you. There are those of us who look at your
> actions as irrational, twisted, and completely inhuman. By all
> measures, what you have done can only be seen as insane. I have
> news for you. We're more nuts than you, and it should scare you
> s***less.
> You may think that when you die for your cause, you go to
> Paradise with 72 virgins, can leave reservations for 70 members of
> your family, all your sins are forgiven, and you sit at the side of
> Allah. Big deal. We had 39 guys who rented a Beverly Hills
> mansion, cut off their nuts, built a web site, and proceeded to
> poison themselves to death to hitch a ride with aliens out on the
> Hale-Bopp comet.
> You shoot guns into the sky to celebrate victories over enemies,
> and people are killed by the bullets raining down on them. We not
> only do this for New Year's Eve in some cities, but we burn
> houses down, tear up streets, loot and sack our stores, and beat
> ourselves senseless when our sports teams win championships.
> Sports teams! We made a sequel to Police Academy 5. We gave
> an award for singing to two guys who never even sang. We put
> little sweaters on dogs. We shot John Lennon six times and didn't
> even aim for Yoko Ono. We think Elvis is still alive. We put
> Braille on drive-up automatic teller machines. We think that a
> simple button on a web site that says "Do not click if you're under
> 21" will do anything but cause a person under 21 to click on it.
> We take a large chunk of the island on which those buildings you
> destroyed sat and pretend that it isn't a part of our country after all,
> let people fly into our airports that we want to kill, drive them in
> limousines to speak against us on this "pretend territory" land, let
> them drive back to our airport, and then let them fly back home
> without a scratch. We sell hot dogs in packages of ten and the
> buns in packages of eight. We can't even decide if pitchers should
> have to bat for themselves or not. All those baseball fields we've
> got. And none of them are even remotely the same size.
> We gave millions of dollars to a guy that told us that God was
> going to kill him if he didn't raise enough money. When he didn't
> get enough money, he didn't die. So we gave him more money in
> celebration of the fact that God didn't make him die. We've
> managed to keep the formulas for Coca-Cola and Kentucky Fried
> Chicken secret for decades, we encrypt the most banal
> communications on our Information Superhighway, and yet we
> given away our most important nuclear secrets to the Chinese and
> Russians at the drop of a hat. And yet, with all this on the A-1
> Psycho balance sheet, you still think that if you're more nuts than
> us that this won't result in your complete and utter annihilation?
> One way or another, your way of life will be over, period.
> Freedom's kind of a crazy, kooky, nutty thing when you look
> really close at it and all the bizarre and loony things that can result
> from it, but it's better than any other ideas anybody else has come
> up with. It's been that way since 1776, and built to last no matter
> how insanely we try to screw it up on a daily basis. We are even
> nuts and ruthless enough as a nation to start insanely tearing at
> those of ourselves that even remotely resemble you in such
> rancorous, deplorable, and angry ways that it will make you
> wonder if Allah has enough glue to piece enough of you back
> together for a flesh paperweight in Paradise.
> We may not know where you are now, but when we do I
> guarantee you that the majority of our high school children will
> still have no idea where on the globe where you are or where you
> will end up being buried. But we will send them anyway, and we
> will allow those of them that went into the armed services because
> they didn't manage to get into college to *still* rain down Hell and
> fire on your worthless hides. It will all come down on you,
> because we're nuts enough to give all four of our branches of the
> military service extremely powerful and deadly aircraft even
> though only one of them is actually called the Air Force. Picking a
> fight with the most insane nation on Earth with the hope that your
> message and influence will spread throughout the world, well,
> that's just downright stupid.


Walter Watts Tulsa Network Solutions, Inc.

"No one gets to see the Wizard! Not nobody! Not no how!"

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