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From: Mermaid . (
Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 12:31:13 MDT

[Casey]Fellow members, Joe Dees and Transdimensional Elf, have sent numerous
articles to the list. All forwarded without much explanation from the
sender's point of view.

[Mermaid]I dont think that my post is in the same category as T.Elf or Joe
Dees where the list was flooded with articles and most of them referring to
the same subject.(Elf=Bush. Dees=Daniel Pipes) My post, on the other hand,
was specifically addressed towards Jonanthan Davis and Joe Dees with a
suggestion that the others might find it useful too. It was especially sent
after the Daniel Pipes Special posted by Joe Dees.

[Casey]Hermit politely asked they discontinue such practices. I'm only
asking the same.

[Mermaid]I think there is a difference in the nature of Hermit's
request(none were addressed to me, btw)to certain list members and your
request to me(which I frankly do not comprehend). If the entire list
believed and spread biased information from tainted sources like Joe Dees
and Jonathan Davis, I might be inclined to accept that it belongs in 'Free
for all'. But it is not. It was targetted towards 2 people specifically for
their introspection.

[Casey]Personally, I enjoy reading the articles.

[Mermaid]I am glad you do.

[Casey]But, there are those who do not have the necessary time, nor
bandwidth, to read each and every one. A simple link, abstract, and a
synopsis of yer view on the matter would be beneficial.

[Mermaid]They can delete it. That is why I added the commentary at the
beginning so that people get an idea as to decide whether or not they would
like to read the entire post. I do not believe in posting naked links.
However, I do think posting an abstract or part of the article is an idea
worth considering. This, however, is open to confusion like a recent
Guardian article link about Amos Oz where the substance of the article was
entirely ignored and stray comments were quoted without context.(link posted
by Jonathan Davis and substance noted by rhinocerous)

[Casey]ps. my day is going very well...and yours, Mermaid? :)

[Mermaid]Mine is just dandy. But I think I sprayed Lysol into my eye by
mistake. Disinfected vision is ok...:)

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