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Date: Tue Aug 13 2002 - 11:58:22 MDT

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> I shouldn't be responding to this as it falls into the "neo-nazi"

Is this really true? Seems a very severe charge.

>But I shall so that it doesn't come up again. No, I don't regard Israelis
as "them." Israelis are people too.

Oh well that is something. People no less. Just when I had them down as

>I have family and friends living there whom I care about. That does not
mean that I have to overlook the illegitimate


>and oppresive actions of the Israeli government

Suppressive, terror suppressive.

>or their involvement in "ethnic cleansing" (PC speak for genocide).

There is and never has been a genocide in Israel. As Pascal Bruckner points
out in 'The Temptation of Innocence' when he describes French farmers with
banners reading "Stop the Genocide" protesting over fish prices , that
"survivors of The Holocaust or of Rwanda will appreciate the extensive use
of the word."

Time to tone down the rhetoric maybe?



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